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Design Co., Ltd. is a platform specialized in global market with change and innovation.


Design Co., Ltd.The

Based on BOT data business combining IOT and BATTERY based on data infrastructure KOKIRI OUTSIDEWow KOKIRI INSIDE, We are doing research and technology development for technology and value creation which are more convenient and more efficient in human life, and that raise efficiency in all fields. Understanding the needs of consumers in the modern society and developing and distributing the products that meet them will grow into the best company by contributing to a richer life in various fields from auxiliary batteries, small household appliances to shared services and battery platforms.

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Innovation Innovating technology with creative thinking


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Everything is motivated and passionate toward dreams


Elephant auxiliary battery

Design registration and technology patents

(Including Korea / China / USA / Japan)


2020년 1월 기준

· Design patent application (auxiliary battery / Bluetooth device / accessories)
(Patent Nos. 30-2018-0990706, 30-2018-0988015, 30-2018-0988020, etc.)
· Patent application for technology (application solution / accessory etc.)
(Patent Nos. 10-2015-0101914, 10-2015-0188575, 10-2015-0101914, etc.)
· Trademark patent application (cable / accessories, etc.)
(Patent No. 40-2014-0054123, No. 40-2014-0080469, No. 40-2014-0076417, etc.)



Design History

Design history.
  • 2019

    · Participation in Hong Kong Exhibition
    · Elephant box shared battery service opened
    · Establishment of elephant Friends basketball team
  • 2018

    · Listed on KOSDAQ
    · Export of auxiliary batteries Kazakhstan "KG", Indonesia "Ataru", Brazil "BXBR", Australia "OSCAR"
    · New product launch S-PACK (City edition), T-PACK (HYBRID radio, TIDY5), U-PACK (MEGA, DIARY, SWIFT, RAPID), R-
    · Shared battery service technology using smart auxiliary battery
    · Self-resonance power transmission technology (TYPE-C, PD, QI2.0, AFA technology introduction product launch)
  • 2017

    · Establishment of a Chinese subsidiary (3B310)
    · Moby Cody Elephant household charger "Obtained products satisfying the lowest consumption efficiency standard" (Environmental Management Corporation)
    · Export of secondary batteries Exported to Mexico "GIZMO", Kazakhstan "KG", Indonesia "Ataru"
    · Supplied 400,000 pieces of "smart lamp" for Beskin Robbins Christmas
    · Supplied 170,000 Tumble Place 'auxiliary batteries'
    · Released Marble Hand Fan
    · Delivery of Naver artificial intelligent speaker cable 400,000
    · Participated in Shanghai Mobile International Exhibition (MWCS2017)
  • 2016

    · Registered as a venture company (No. 20160615-38990)
    · Patent registration of KOKIRI Selfie technology (terminal control using ultrasonic remote controller for battery)
    · New lineup of auxiliary battery N-Series
    · New lineup of auxiliary battery C-Series
    · Export of auxiliary batteries (USA, Japan, Philippines, Australia, Israel, India etc.)
    · Transfer of logistics center in Bucheon Ojung industrial complex
    · Participated in Hong Kong Asia World Expo Spring booth for the first time
    · Participation in Hong Kong Asia World Expo autumn exhibition booth
  • 2015

    · Moved the head office expansion (872-2 Shinjeong-dong Yangcheon-gu)
    · Change of name (Design Co., Ltd. -> Design Co., Ltd.)
    · Design patent registration (model name / KPB-4000E and KPB-10000GPD)
    · Design patent registration (model name: KPB-2500N)
    · Patent application of KOKIRI Selfie (Control method and device of wired / wireless terminal using ultrasonic remote controller for battery)
    · KOKIRI auxiliary battery obtained CE, FCC, RoHS, PSE certification
  • 2014

    · KOKIRI brand launch (trademark application).
    · Establishment of affiliated research institute
    · Registered 2 energy efficiency certifications (Mobocodi)
    · ECOPLUG brand launch
    · Head office expansion (Yongsan Raon Building)
    · Launched Mobicodi brand (trademark application)
  • 2013

    · Released MOJORY charger brand
    · Started sales of smart device charger business
  • 2012

    · Design Co., Ltd established
    · Started online sales