Design_subsidiary – 디자인주식회사


It is a subsidiary of Design Co., Ltd. and manages and operates B2B and B2C channels.

KOKIRI B2B is a specialized shopping mall.

If you purchase a large quantity of products made from elephants, you can purchase through this site. Only a member of the business is approved to be registered, and a business registration certificate is required at the time of membership registration.
For business owners, there are regular newsletters and event benefits for your products.


KOKIRI STORE is an official shopping mall operated by our head office.

Get the latest products, formal AS and a wealth of events at the official store where you can trust all the products the elephants make.

Only specials & gifts you can not see anywhere! Elephant Store.


SSOSS provides all the world's best.

You can not search for the items you need. Where is this item?

Items that were easy to miss and easy to use items to write! Everything in the world! Now go to SSOSS.