KOKIRI_inside – 디자인주식회사


KOKIRI INSIDE is a battery and power management platform service in its products based on its battery stability and circuit design technology in design.

KOKIRIBOT provides efficient professional hardware smart solutions.

The BOT PLATFORM provides battery management system interface (BMS, Battery Management System), various communication interfaces (Bluetooth Low Energy, Wi-Fi, USB) and various sensor interfaces and provides battery pack, battery discharge cutoff, Through implementation technology, we provide battery cells, battery chipsets, and platform integration services to our products and partners to help software and hardware manufacturers upgrade their products and make their hardware smarter.

KOKIRI BOX is a proven shared platform service in the world market.

Suddenly, when you needed a spare battery, when you forgot to bring it back at home, you were in trouble. If you do not have one spare battery, how inconvenient? Search and install the elephant box application from the store and check the map. The Shared Battery Service Elephant Box is at your doorstep, right beside you.

AFAQi leads the wireless smart accessories market.

If you know freedom without goodness, there will be a difference between when you do not know AFAQi and when you know it. When you come home after your day off, take off your clothes and put your smart device on AFAQi. And you can go out again in the morning.
Smart accessory becomes clothes. Rest of the body Each type of equipment will charge your breakfast together.