KOKIRI_outside – 디자인주식회사


KOKIRI OUTSIDE is a brand of KOKIRI smart accessories and small household appliances, and IOT products are launched with zero SMART brand.


KOKIRI is a representative brand of design CO., LTD.

KOKIRI is a brand that led the growth of Design Co., Ltd. with elephant auxiliary battery and charger.
Elephant auxiliary battery is exported to 18 countries and it leads the market by developing differentiated products with excellent function and reasonable price with light weight, stability and systematic A / S.

JACKSON is a professional brand of sound equipment made by Design Co., Ltd.

The JACKSON speaker boasts a small but strong sound, so you can enjoy your music indoors / outdoors without worry.

zero SMART BOT is a brand of robot cleaner to find your precious time

zero With SMART BOT, you can remotely control wherever and whenever you need it with one-click self-cleaning and auto-charging! With Smart Mapping, you can clean every corner, water mopping function that does not allow dust in the house, you can easily make a reservation at any time.
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zero SMART AIR is an air cleaner brand that brings out the essentials

A powerful filter that removes ultrafine dust to deodorizes the performance of zero SMART AIR to create a pleasant indoor air.