Social_contribution – 디자인주식회사

Social contribution

Design Co., Ltd. carries out a social contribution project in order to practice sharing as philosophy of social contribution.

'Separately and together'

We will maximize the happiness of stakeholders based on active and voluntary participation of employees in design,
We are making efforts to create and realize an ecosystem that is able to create greater happiness beyond the way of giving and participating in one time.

World Vision

World Vision is an international relief development NGO that helps 100 million people around the world in more than 100 countries.

How to sponsor Design Co., Ltd.

Design Co., Ltd. sponsors two overseas children: one employee and one company.

The joy of a child, the hope of a village, a village is needed to raise a child.

Overseas child support Complete independence of town and areaHelp.

Exhibition progress

Design Co., Ltd. Headquartered underground cafeteria 'Earth and Us', we held an exhibition for sponsorship.